Are you thinking about selling your home? Everyday Americans make the decision to sell, but before you put your house on the market, you’ll need to hire a qualified listing agent. Choosing the right realtor can simplify a stressful process, so we’ve asked industry experts how to find a real estate agent that best suits your needs.

Ask for references
Most realtors will be happy to provide you with contact information for their recent clients. Be sure to ask former clients what the asking price versus the selling price for their home was. Another good indicator of a real estate agent’s prowess is how long their listings stayed on the market.

Do your research
Ask friends and families for recommendations. Attend open houses in your neighborhood, if you’re impressed with the way a realtor shows a house, ask them for their business card. Visit websites that offer reviews from actual clients.

Knowledge is power
Realtors are expected to follow a code of ethics. Potential clients can contact the regulatory board in their state to find out if an agent is licensed, or if the realtor has been on the receiving end of disciplinary measures. It also pays to find out if a realtor was the recipient of any industry awards.

You get what you pay for
If you choose the agent who charges the lowest commission, you might end up with an inexperienced or ineffective realtor. Look for an agent who is confident in their ability to sell your home, not one who is eager to cut a deal.

Choose a local agent
Your new listing agent doesn’t have to live on the same block as you, but they should have extensive knowledge of your neighborhood. Ask some questions about a house that’s currently listed nearby. A good agent will know exactly what house you’re talking about.

Know your demographic
Does your neighborhood have great schools, or is it close to restaurants and nightclubs? Are your neighbors young singles or established families? Decide which demographic is most likely to buy a home in your area, then find a real estate agent who caters to those buyers. A great realtor should be acquainted with people from all walks of life.