It pays to prepare your home for selling. When you take the time and effort to properly prepare your home, you have the greatest chance of getting a good price for the property. Here is a guide for hose to prepare your home for selling.

Make it Impersonal

You want potential buyers to be able to imagine living in your home when they come for showings. They have a hard time doing this if every room bears a reminder of your family. Try to make your home impersonal. Remove personal photographs and memorabilia. If you have personalized items in the house such as kitchen aprons, hand towels or pillows, store them in a box or closet. The more generic you can make your house, the better.

Remove Clutter

Clutter makes a house feel smaller than it is. Buyers usually look for spacious homes with plenty of storage space. You can make your home look larger by removing clutter from floors, shelves and countertops. Every surface should have some empty space when you’re finished removing the clutter.

Tidy Up

The remaining items in your home should be neat and tidy. Make sure that children’s toys are picked up and put away in an attractive fashion. Bedroom nightstands should display only the essentials, such as an alarm clock, lamp and book. Kitchen utensils and spices should be neatly tucked away in drawers, or displayed in tidy storage units. Make it appear as if it’s easy to be organized in your home.

Have Carpets Cleaned

Carpet fibers hold a considerable amount of dirt and grime. Considering how much space carpets take up in your home, it’s worth it to have your carpets cleaned ahead of any showings. A professional carpet cleaning can make older carpets look fresh and clean again.

Make Minor Repairs

If you’ve been putting off making repairs on your home, now is the time to stop procrastinating. Take care of minor repairs that might discourage a potential buyer from making an offer on your home. Take care of things like leaky faucets, cracked windows and squeaky door hinges.

Add Curb Appeal

The outside of your house is the first thing your buyers will see when they arrive. Make sure the impression is amazing by adding curb appeal. Simple tweaks work well. Hang a door wreath, install a door knocker, and plant some fresh flowers by the sidewalk. These will all work to make your home look attractive and welcoming.

When you prepare your home for selling by following these tips, you’ll be sure to make a positive impression on every potential buyer!